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This is a sample view of the detail.  Each poster is printed on acid free, archival quality paper which preserves the colors over time.  This ensures that your personal Astrology Art Chart will become a family keepsake that can be passed on through the generations like the samplers from the 1800's but without the degradation of vivid color!

Night Sky Gemini Aspected Sample 2

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Each poster is composed of the artwork for the chart surrounded by
a printed color or white  matt area to make framing of the print easier. 
No additional matt is required. 

24" x 32"   (610 x 813 mm) total print size

Astrology Art Chart Gemini Twins Night Stars 2
Move your mouse over the sample colors above to view different mat color selections.
Printed Matt Color Selections

Mouse over    each matt color above to view how the finished poster will look.

The Night Sky Aspected series is based on the original Night Sky series with the addition of the aspects between the planets  and an aspect grid to easily identify the conjunctions, squares, oppositions, sextiles and trines.  Each aspect is hand drawn and meticulously placed by the artist based on the  corresponding astral data for the birthdate.  This series was initially designed for the astro buff who has a familiarity with astrological planetary aspects but I feel is a great start for the novice to delve a little deeper.   The complimentary reading that comes with each chart includes aspect interpretations.  The links page on my website also supplies sources to further educate the interested reader. 

The addition of the aspects makes each individual's birthdate into a wondrously unique celestial art creation.

Depicted in this chart is Gemini, the Twins.

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