Some of my favorite links that I wanted to share with you.

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Artistic Laser Engraving

Astro Dienst
  • Free  horoscope chart generator
  • Free and/or purchasable chart interpretations
  • Multiple chart  generated formats
  • Great site for the novice and expert astrologer
This site contains a wealth of information for both the novice and expert astrology buff.   It allows you to input birth data for up to 100 charts so as you ask your friends and family their birth dates and times, you can store that info on this site.  

For those who know little about astrology there is an easy user interface to click on their chart with pop ups describing the various aspects of their chart.  There are also daily readings from  famous astrologers, Robert Hand, John Townley, and Robert  Pelletier along with insights and purchasable readings  from Liz Greene, the famous psychology - astrologer.  There are many informative readings for purchase if you want to go more into depth.  If you can't tell, I really like this site!

Cafe Astrology
  • Free Readings
  • Understanding Astrology
  • Very Informative

Free astrological and numerological reports. This is a good starting point if you simply want to learn a bit without getting too deep into the theory of astrology.

My Astrology Book

This is a fantastic resource and a great companion gift to the Astrology Art Charts offered here. This is a complete astrology book about you, your chart, and your stars. Very much worth looking at.

Astrology Dot Com
  • Chart and Readings
  • Love and Relationships
  • Feng Shui
A wealth of charts and readings offered at low cost.

What's Your Sign

Avia Venefica

Interesting reading from Avia Venefica.  Definitely worth spending some time here if you want to get a more in-depth feel for many different spiritual and related topics.

Molly's Astrology

Do you want a very simple, explanation of how the planets interact? Some light reading with a just-the-facts attitude in a very pleasant site? Then stop by and go through the tutorial pages, very good reading.

Chinese Zodiac
  • Chinese Sin Calculator
  • Information on the Chinese signs
  • Compatibility charts
This is a very simple site, but the information is great if you want a quick reference and some background information on the Chinese Zodiac. 

Gems 4 Friends
  • Alternative Medicine,
  • Health
  • Healing Crystals
Many people interested in astrology are also interested in the healing power of stones and minerals. This is a good resource for learning more about them.


Supporting Tibetan Artisans

This is one of my favorite places to visit, many of their items have warmed my home and helped provide a wonderful place for me to study and be at peace.

Wikipedia - Astrology

If you want to know about something... what better resource than Wikipedia.