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Astrology Art Charts

Astrology Art Charts are poster sized, 24 by 32 inch, archival quality artistic prints, of birth horoscope charts. Each chart is a personal astral portrait of the elements of your birth, presented in an individualized creative astrological art form.

Each chart is created within an original artistic template designed by the graphic design artist Eve Tait. The exact time and place of your birth along with your fully specified name are known as the astral data. Your personal astral data is placed on the chart with multi-layered designer text and custom special effects to bring each chart to life with a unique charm and feeling.

The planets and signs are specially created graphics designs, and are located in the positions corresponding to your birth horoscope data. The placement of the planets and signs can be based on different systems. The signs are rotated and placed relative to the house system. We have selected to use the 'Placidus System' for the placement of the different houses. (Upon special request your choice of house system can be changed.) Each art chart comes with a full complementary astrological reading free of charge.

To the left is an example of an individual chart with a sample birth date, place and name. Click and drag the magnifying glass to see a closer view of the detail. To see the full sized image click here.

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