Butterflies Closeup1
Butterflies closeup1
Butterflies Closeup2
Butterflies closeup2

This is a sample view of the detail.  Each poster is printed on acid free, archival quality paper which preserves the colors over time.  This ensures that your personal Astrology Art Chart will become a family keepsake that can be passed on through the generations like the samplers from the 1800's but without the degradation of vivid color!

Lily of the Valley Horoscope 

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Each poster is composed of the artwork for the chart surrounded by
a printed color or white  matt area to make framing of the print easier. 
No additional matt is required. 

24" x 32"   (610 x 813 mm) total print size

Butterflies and Lily of the Valley
Move your mouse over the sample colors above to view different mat color selections.
Printed Matt Color Selections

Mouse over    each matt color above to view how the finished poster will look.

I love gardening, in particular growing flowers, so I created a series  based flowering botanical themes.  This chart is full of "Butterflies and Lily of the Valley".

You might notice that the "Botanical Series" has the identical template but titled, "Botanicial Gemini Butterflies" instead of "Lily of the Valley"  The reason I chose to give 2 ways of viewing these  charts is because I noticed that  some people like one flower better than the one for their sign.  Sometimes they have chosen the flowers  represented by their moon or ascendant, or another planet that was significant in their chart.    So...I decided to make all the flowers available to everyone.  It is  your choice to order by sign or flower. The chart templates are identical.

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