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Hi and welcome to my artistic astrology website.

Here is a bit of a background on me for your interest. I am British by blood and birth, and I grew up mostly in Montreal Canada, which also makes me Canadian. I spent the last 13 years in St Louis, Missouri and recently moved to Austin Texas. This makes me a British, Canadian, American Texan!...and yes, I love to travel! I am on the Juilliard Alumni, having studied the French horn and piano before settling down to raise four wonderful daughters.

I started showing a great interest in astrology some 15 years ago and have always had a great passion for the visual arts, so it seemed like a great combination to put the two together to create personalized charts for my friends which, at the same time, could be considered as artistic pieces in their own rights for display.  I had such a positive reception to my charts that I am now offering them to the public.

I love gardening and have a keen interest in psychology.  I was born on October 13, 1955 in London England; I am a Libra/Virgo with Sagittarius Rising.

I hope you enjoy your journey.

Eve Tait

1110 Daniel Street, Kenner, Louisiana 700062

What is an Astrology Art Chart?

An astrology art chart is an exciting way to convey your astrological information in a fun and beautiful artistic creation.

The information which makes you unique; your birthdate, name, and the place where you were born are all recorded. Using advanced software we are able to peer back in time and calculate the exact alignments of the planets at the moment of your birth. From this detailed information an astrological chart is produced.

The graphics artist Eve Tait then uses this chart as the basis for your personalized astrology art chart. Each planet and house is carefully drawn into the template you have chosen with a high degree of accuracy while still having that unique look and feel that only the human touch can impart.

Once your chart is completed, it is printed on museum quality paper using a sophisticated printing system. Each chart is based on your specific data and is therefore just like you... unique and one of a kind.

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